The College maintains a Learning Resources Center where students can borrow reference materials, journals, researches, musical instruments and other equipment. Aside from the University Library, the Reading Center has a collection of reference books in education and its allied fields. It is open every Monday to Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Rules and Regulations

Borrowing Priveleges

1. CED Students. Students may borrow three (3) books per day; one (1) musical instrument per day for MAPEH majors; and, two (2) tools and equipment per day for TLE majors. Students must return borrowed books, musical instruments and tools and equipment before the learning resource center closes. Students are not allowed to take home the borrowed materials from the center. Narrative Reports, Action Researches, Theses and Dissertations are for room use only. When borrowing books and materials, students must present their identification card and duly countersigned registration form (CLSU Form 6).

2. CLSU administrators, faculty and staff. Administrators, faculty and staff may borrow three (3) books for a period of two (2) weeks renewable for another one (1) week within a semester. Administrators, faculty members and staff must present their identification card when borrowing books and materials.

3. Music and TLE Instructors. Music and TLE instructors may borrow instruments or tools for a period of one (1) week renewable for another one (1) week within a semester.

Overdue Fines
1. CED Students who fail to return borrowed materials within the day shall be charged of P10.00 per day including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
2. Faculty members will be charged P5.00 per day including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Lost or Damaged Material

1. When a material (books, manuals, journals, periodicals, theses, dissertations, narrative reports, tools, instruments) from the learning resource center is lost, it has to replaced: for printed material, it has to be replaced with the same title of latest edition; lost tool or musical instrument shall be replace with the same brand and specifications.
2. If a lost book is out of print, the borrower will have to replace it with a copy of another title but comparable contents, value and usefulness. If replacement is not available, a clear photocopy is acceptable as a replacement but in two (2) copies. Likewise, if a lost tool or instrument is phase out in the market, the borrower will have to replace it with a tool or instrument comparable to the brand and specification of the lost tool or instrument.
3. When damaged book, tool or instrument is returned to the center, the borrower will be charged of the repair cost. A book, tool or instrument that cannot be repaired will be replaced by the borrower.

Unsettled Accounts in the CED Learning Resource Center
A student who refuses or fails to settle outstanding accounts in the CED Learning Resource Center shall not be permitted to borrow materials from the center until after the account has been settled.

Mutilating, Stealing or Vandalism of CED Resource Center Properties
Any person who shall deface, mutilate, steal or appropriate for himself/herself any property of the CED Learning Resource Center shall replace or pay its current replacement value and pay a fine of P200.00 but not more than 50% of the current cost of the book, tool or instrument whichever is higher.

Conduct in the CED Learning Resource Center
1. Silence in the CED Learning Resource Center is a must.
2. Students in the center must be considerate to others.
3. Courtesy and decorum should be observed at all times.
4. Smoking, eating, littering and boisterous laughing are strictly prohibited. The personnel in the center is authorized to send out anybody who violates any of the rules.

Falsification and Use of Someone Else’s ID
1. Any person who falsifies the identification card shall after due process be suspended from the University for one (1) semester.
2. Any person who uses an identification card not his/her shall have his/her CED Learning Resources Center privileges suspended for one (1) month.


 Number of Visitors: 

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