The College of Education Student Council (CEd-SC) is the highest governing body of the collegiate student body organization in the college.  Through the years, CEd-SC has been a vibrant partner of the College of Education administration, faculty and staff in proactive engagements and programs. It aims to develop the student body by recognizing their potentials and interests. Guided by its vision, mission and goals, the CEdSC is an avenue where education students’ rights, general welfare and interest are promoted. It also helps develop students to be well-rounded individuals by engaging them in co-curricular, community service and environmental consciousness programs.


The College of Education Student Council as a paragon student council dedicated to serve as a voice and an active forum for the expression of the students’ ideas and sentiments for students’ empowerment, competitiveness and excellence.


The College of Education Student Council shall promote the rights, general welfare and interests of the College of Education studentry and develop among them the burning fervor to excel and to serve the people.


The College of Education Student Council is geared towards the realization of the following goals: 

  1. To cooperate with the College of Education faculty and staff in the pursuit of common interests and for the benefit of the students; 
  2. To uphold the ideal of the College, that is, to ensure the well-rounded development of its clientele; and, 
  3. To serve as a potent to in fostering the virtues of camaraderie and conviviality.


CEd-SC is a model and multi-awarded student council in the University. In school year 2016-2017, it was recognized as the Best Student Council during the Liderato Awards. Organized by the University Supreme Student Council (USSC), the Liderato Awards aim to recognize the effort of the student council in CLSU in developing and implementing programs for students as well as their involvement in community development activities.

The Council also won as Best Student Council for three (3) consecutive school years from 2012 to 2015 and 2010-2011, 2nd Best Student Council in SYs 2009-2010 and 2011-2012. It was also recognized as having the most promising activities, best organizational programs, best educational programs and best community services programs.

The CED-SC established linkages to assist in the implementation of its programs and to strengthen the leadership potentials of the students. It works with the Provincial Youth Development Council of Nueva Ecija (PYDC-NE), World Youth Alliance-Asia Pacific (WYAAP) and True Love Waits Philippines, to name a few.

CEDSC spearheads activities such as athletic, socio-cultural, educational, organizational and other extra-curricular activities. It is supported by the college-based student organizations like the CLSU Mathematical Society (CLSU MathSoc), Samahan ng mga Nagdadalubhasa sa Filipino (SANFIL) and General Educators for Social Interaction - Society (GenESIS).

The College of Education Student Council continuously shines as a beacon of hope for student empowerment and leadership. It shall testify through its members its vision of being a paragon student council dedicated to be the voice and active forum where students’ ideas and sentiments are expressed. It will work side-by-side with the administration for student empowerment, competitiveness and excellence.


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